Time Flies

In the blink of an eye, it is once again the end of summer. For someone relatively young, I bemoan the quick passing of time quite a lot. I know that it only flies by faster as you grow older, and right now I am having my pre-real-world freak out session ( where I get nervous about graduating and having to do real-world adult things in the real adult world) , so please feel free to ignore my crazy self.

Coffee Eclairs          Pistachio Raspberry Sablé

Really I ended up having a great summer; kind of experiencing what my life post-school might be like; and though that sounds quite lame in comparison to the adventures some of starry-eyed teen dreams up, I can’t say I minded horribly. I hung out with my friends, helped my sister film her music video (EVERYONE should check out White Sea, she is amazing and the single will be out soon), and tried to resurrect my piano skills. Most importantly I worked at an well-known and respected bakery Bottega Louie, and used the opportunity to learn as much in the kitchen as I could.

The kitchen conducted itself like some kind of insane perfectionist orchestra; everyone had to move together in perfect harmony or the music just doesn’t vibe. Every detail was important from the size of a raspberry to the sticker placement on a box of candy. Sometimes it felt like I was in some bizarre kitchen version of Stepford Wives where everything had to be perfect all the time; however I’ve got to say, that kind of attention to detail is what made Bottega Louie a destination spot for both tourists and locals. A success.

Fasier          IMG_20130608_100827

Besides feeling extremely proud of the work I did while at work, I got to meet some of the best people. Never before have I met such a wonderful and engaging group of individuals, who took me under their collective wing and made me feel comfortable in the kitchen. I hope that I can learn from them and give that same feeling of acceptance to those who I work with in the future. Though I’ll be leaving Bottega I know that I have made friends who will stay with me long after.

I guess that all of my feelings of anxiety are spurred on by the fact that I am indeed getting older. This summer I turned the big 21 and though I revel in the fact that I am no longer restricted access to anything or anywhere, I am also hyper-aware that things are going to start changing quickly three months from now, when I graduate from Johnson & Wales and start real life. I have not even a faint clue what awaits me, but I know it is time to get excited, not scared. Excuse me while I go find my grown-up pants…




One thought on “Time Flies

  1. Dear Taylor
    As ever, I loved reading your comments and looking at the delicacies pictured.

    No need to worry about the future, it comes like it or not. Just be ready for opportunity when it comes your way. By the way, I am open to a trip to your French village again, or investing some in a bakery of your choice location which will take investigating carefully, then developing a great reputation. I am here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask. Between mom and me, you have a great team.

    Congratulations on enjoying your work during this past summer. It is important to see value in what one does and then use it wherever and whenever in the future.

    Love Nana

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